The BABM275 Brine Maker & Applicator Unit is a new innovative, proprietary design from GEMS that combines everything you need to take full control of supplying and applying salt brine solutions for dust control along with anti-icing, pre-wetting & de-icing activities. This one machine is all you need to get started at an affordable cost.

This equipment can also be used as general water handing unit to haul and transfer water for fire- fighting, wash-down, plant watering, dust suppression and other construction site water service applications.

An economical, easy-to-use and highly efficient anti-icing unit, ideal for smaller scale service areas or service areas spread across a larger service region, ie: parking lots and large building entrance ways and driveways, etc. This is a smart investment that will pay for itself quickly.


  • The BABM275 produces 23% salt brine solution when you add salt to the “fill line” then fill the rest of the vessel with water and run the recirculation function for approx. 10-15 minutes.

  • This is a quick response unit that gets you to the streets fast. Just add the salt and water and mix on the way to the job.

  • Ease of operation makes the BABM275 suitable for a variety of operators with some basic instruction.

  • Manufactured with all durable, corrosion-resistant materials.

  • Powered by a quality commercial 5.5 HP GX160 Honda gas engine with 2”, high flow, 45 PSI polypro brine pump.

  • Equipped with an electric on/off valve to open and close the spray bar. Comes with cord that connects to cigarette lighter power point on the dash board, with on/off switch.

  • Spray bar frame fits easily into a standard truck hitch receiver

  • Spray bar is fitted with 14 quick change, adjustable spray tips capable of covering up to a 16 foot wide laneway.

  • Unit is equipped with auxiliary 2” pump suction and discharge ports to use on-board pump for liquid transfer.

  • Top surface is fitted with an all plastic deck with sides and a 16” opening, ideal for adding bagged salt or bulk salt from a hopper bottom bin (hopper bin available as an option).

  • Optional high quality hose reel, hose and adjustable stainless steel spray wand are available to be mounted to the side of the unit.

  • One tank of brine solution can cover up to approx. 25 lane kms at a commonly used application rate of 40L per lane km.

  • The standard top loading deck is mainly designed for loading with bagged salt but can be more easily loaded with a modified loader bucket or a hopper bottom bin with a bottom slide gate. Unit can be fitted with a larger loading hopper as an option.

  • Pump has a 2” strainer installed on the pump inlet to help keep any debris out of pump.

  • The BABM275 is made up of a very versatile sprayer and brine and water handling unit with a wide range of application rates that can easily be achieved, from the lowest brine application rates to much higher rates and flows commonly required in dust control applications.

  • Spray bar tips come in straight stream, fan spray and hollow cone spray options to easily customize the spray patterns and application rates that you require.

  • Tips have 360 degree adjustability at up to a 25 degree angle to place brine right where you want it.

  • Spray tip plugs are also available to further adjust your spraying coverage and volume applied.

  • Unit has a steel pallet base for easy loading/unloading with a forklift.

  • The BABM275 unit has a low net weight so does not take up much of the trucks carrying capacity. It can be used, fully loaded on a 3/4 tonne pickup truck when the unit is positioned at the front of the box or deck.

  • The tank has translucent walls all around for easy viewing of liquid and salt levels.

  • There is a sampling tap located on side facing the operator for testing brine concentration before spraying. (Hydrometers sold separately).

  • 2” auxiliary pump suction & discharge ports so you can use the on-board pump for all manner of tank filling/emptying, water/brine transfer, wash-down, plant watering, fire-fighting, etc.