Create a complete Rainwater Harvesting and Stormwater Management System with GEMS' belowground or aboveground plastic or fibreglass tanks, filters, diverters, pumps, strainers and many other options for outdoor or indoor use. Control stormwater runoff and pollution while saving up to 50% on your water bills.

When It's Raining and Pouring, You Now Can Be Storing!

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Graf Ecobloc Stormwater
Management Systems

StormStop Modular
Tank Systems

Commercial Rainwater
Harvesting Systems

Graf Herkules Tanks

Graf Aboveground Top Tanks

Graf Belowground Rainwater
Harvesting Systems

Large Aboveground Rainwater
Storage Tanks

Bushman Aboveground
Rainwater Tanks

Narrow-Profile Rainwater
Storage Tanks

Rain Barrels & Accessories

Rainwater HOG Modular Tanks

Corner Rain Collection Tanks

Rain Harvesting Filters

Rain Water First Flush Diverters

Rainwater Pumps & Control Systems

Tank Water Level
Indicators & Gauges

Rainwater Harvesting
System Accessories