The leading brands of septic and sewage holding tanks, wastewater treatment systems, pumps, septic drain field products, accessories and more make this division of GEMS a one stop shop for contractors and homeowners alike.

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Septic & Sewage Holding Tanks

Pump Chambers & Lift Stations

GRAF Wastewater
Treatment Systems

Sewage & Effluent Pumps & Controls

Septic & Drainfield Infiltrator Chambers

Septic D-Boxes, Modular Risers,
Lids & Accessories

Effluent Filters

PVC Sewer Drain Vent Fittings & Piping

Rubber Grommet Pipe Seals

Rubber Flex Couplers

Heated & Insulated Low Profile
Septic Holding Tanks

Grease Interceptor Systems