GEMS' Materials Handling division has smart solutions for your business. Choose from insulated or non-insulated bins, totes, and containers, whether collapsible, vented, solid walled, stackable, on wheels, with or without drains…and the list goes on! Standard and heavy duty options available for your products, produce and raw materials.

Make It. Store It. Profit. With GEMS.

* Click an Image/Link Below for Detailed Information on Specific Totes, Bins & Container Options

Promens Multipurpose PE Bins

Promens Fish Totes,
Live Transport Containers &
Insulated Double Wall Bins

Promens Non-Insulated
Double Wall Bins

Promens Chilling &
Defrosting Containers

Big Box Utility Storage Bins

Hopper Bins, Cone Bottom Bins & Silos

HD Monster Bin 2700 Series

HD Monster Bin 2800 Series

HD Monster Bin 2900 Series

Versa Totes

Sani-Box - Sanitary,
Double Wall Bulk Handling

Poly Combo Bins

Liquid Handling Totes & IBCs

Stacker Maturation Tank

Apollo Fermentation & Storage Tank

Polar HD Dry Ice &
Frozen Food Handling

Food Handling Carts & Buggies

Utility, Waste & Laundry Carts

Solid & Vented Wall Macro Bins

Bulk Boxes

Collapsible Wall Bins

Bag in the Box -
Liquid Transport Solutions

Plastic Pallets

Merchandising & Display Kiosks