Need a custom project made? With an experienced team of DVS certified plastic welders/fabricators, GEMS specializes in the manufacturing and repair of custom high-density poly tanks for boats, yachts and service vehicles, corrosion-resistant fixtures and assemblies for labs, plants and research facilities, foam and air-filled plastic shell floatation products, along with custom plastic fittings and a variety of other plastic components for liquid and materials handling.

Come find plastic sheet products, round stock, plastic piping and tubing, plastic welding rods and other plastic materials, all at GEMS. We also offer custom modification of all of our "off-the-shelf" molded plastic products. This includes plastic tanks, totes, bins and containers of all types to be constructed as economical, durable and corrosion-resistant assemblies or products to meet your specific needs. Contact us for a free custom quote today!

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Custom Modified
Plastic Tanks

Custom Manufactured
Plastic Tanks

Custom Boat / Marine Holding
Tanks & Containers

Custom Heated & Insulated
Holding Tanks

Custom Spray Foam Insulated &
Heated Plastic Tanks

Custom Skidded Transport
Tanker Assemblies

Custom Process
Vessels & Fixtures

Custom Manufactured
Marine Floatation

Custom Heavy Duty Plastic
Pump & Sump Chambers

Custom Machined
Fittings & Parts

Custom PVC Fabrication &
Fume Ducting

Custom Access Manways

Plastic Sheet Materials

Plastic Welding Rods